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Easy jigsaw for hot drinks


How many of us have a coffee table full of different drink coasters that represent various parts of our lives?  I know on mine are some that I made with pressed flowers and leaves when I was at university, and others that have been gifts from various friends and family over the years, each with a story to tell.

Well, if you want to create your own story on your coffee table, how about these jigsaw drink coasters, which can be made featuring OS Landranger mapping of your chosen location.  Great present for yourself or someone else!

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No Horses Allowed!

9783832761998Every year we feature some calendars and diaries on our website with a travel related theme – and each year I try to include at least one quirky one.  This year it is Toilets Around the World.  I particularly love the fact that the toilet pictured on the front cover includes a sign on the door saying ‘No Horses Allowed’ … I mean, who takes their horse with them to the toilet?!!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a more unusual toilet related gift, then what about Toilet Twinning!


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KaDaWeOn a very wet day in Berlin, we ended up in the Kurfurstendamm, and spend the early part of the day at The Story of Berlin, including a exploring a nuclear bunker built in the 1970’s.  Later we made our way to Kaufhaus des Westens, famously known as KaDaWe, and especially the amazing 6th floor food hall!

KaDaWeTeaAnyone who has ever been to this store will be familiar with the stunning array of food of every variety.  For example I had no idea there were so many types of tea, each elegantly displayed in beautiful ceramic tea urns.

KaDaWeFish KaDaWeVegKaDaWeCheese

Then there were long counters displaying cheese, fish, meat, fresh fruit and vegetable, eggs, you name it you can find it here.  I would be curious to know how the turn around of each of these foods, as they were so many of every type, that you cannot imagine that everything would be sold before it ceased to be fresh!

KaDaWeBread KaDaWEcake








Inevitably, we were drawn to the bakery and patisserie area, as well as the mouth watering displays of chocolates, candied fruits and decided we could not possibly leave the store without purchasing something for later.


However the other part of this floor of the store was the opportunity to stop at one of the numerous counters and sit and try the food sold at that point, whether it is champagne, shellfish, pasta, in fact there were so many different gourmet counters that I lost count!  We had not intended to eat at the store, but the choice on offer was so tempting and smelt so good that we just had to try.  We watched our food being cooked right in front of us, by the tireless chefs, and yet the busy staff spent time talking to every customer, making sure everyone had an great memory to take away with them!


A trip to this store is certainly a fantastic and memorable experience.