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Le Grand Depart

Hawes3We found ourselves in the market town of Hawes last week, which is on the first stage of this years Le Tour de France.  It was brilliant to see just how much the town has taken the Tour to heart, with the whole centre decked out in bunting, many painted bikes lining the route and even red spots (which I later learnt is the colour of the jersey awarded to the King of the Mountains) painted onto many houses and businesses.

Hawes2There were many other examples of street art to welcome the Tour, including the bicycle on the wall above with the spokes made of bottles!



Even our friend ‘Herdy‘ was getting in on the act!

These photos were taken 12 days before the Tour was due, so goodness knows the extent of the decoration of the route now.  We drove some of the route including Buttertups Pass, and I was glad not to be on a bike, as the hills are very steep!  Good luck and safe riding to all those participating in the Tour.

By the way if you are looking for refreshments in Hawes, try Laburnum House Tea Rooms, we had a really lovely stop there for a drink and Yorkshire Tea Bread accompanied by locally produced Wensleydale Cheese, and don’t forget to visit the Creamery as well!



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Commemorating World War One

ww1 mapI had a customer call the other day who wished to commemorate the first world war, by cycling the route of the front from Pfetterhouse to Nieuport.  He was looking into purchasing the 1:25 000 scale Bleue Series French IGN maps, until I pointed out that it would take at least 40-50 maps to cover the route, more possibly depending on which line of the front he followed.  However, he might have preferred to view the new IGN map Grande Guerre 1914-1918 which shows in detail the various front lines together with the sites of memorials etc.


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Which map do I need?

africamapOne of the key parts of my role at Maps Worldwide is assisting customers with their queries and finding the most appropriate map for their needs.  This often involves quite a bit of extensive research as I try to find the obscure town , village or location they are travelling to then find the appropriate paper maps covering the area, whether they are walking, cycling, driving or just exploring.  I am fortunate in this part of my role as I love the challenge this provides and I am constantly improving my knowledge of the geography of the world and where places are in relation to each other, whether it is a small village in France or Spain or an obscure valley in the Himalayas!

So next time you need a map, but don’t know which one will be the best for your needs, please contact us, and I will be delighted to help you!


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Kennet & Avon Canal

9780956518323Walking and cycling along the canal towpaths has proved very popular in recent years, and we are very lucky here, to have the Kennet and Avon Canal run just to the south of our office.  With the very impressive flight of locks at Caen Hill only a few miles away!

However, we could be even closer to a canal in the next few years with the plans to restore the Wilts & Berks Canal, with the result that it will run just past our office, although the part around Melksham itself cannot take the original route of the canal, as much of this has now been built on.  Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be great to have a canal side view from the office window to watch the barges go by!  Mind you it might result in distractions from work!