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Notes from the Unexpected: Zürich’s one and only lake speaks up

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The Woolf

by D.B. Miller

On certain days, it’s uncanny: the turquoise shallows, cobalt drop and unrelenting shimmer for as far as the neck can crane. The Mediterranean, you could swear it—with a squint and some imagination, maybe even a cove around St. Tropez. Toss in a few gulls and those Boesch motorboats that cost as much as a watch, and you’re living the dream.


Except the dream is right here, in a landlocked country, fertilizing the shores and giving the lucky people who live on them something to look at. On this, the locals and transient folk agree: Zürisee is the city’s crowning asset. Once an international trade route, today a playground, but still: 88 square kilometers of alpine aqua pura are reason enough to be proud, if not a bit punchy.

Because some have the nerve to call it small—but tell that to the gent who couldn’t quite get to…

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New York City – A love story. The Trilogy. Part 1.

first impressions of New York! Remember only too well, that desperation to get there, and the sheer exhaustion when you finally arrive!


Before I even started this blog, I had been planning to write about my New York love story. My expectations on this post have grown and grown. And over and over I have attempted to write it, and always ended up hitting the Trash button.
My Boston post was so easy to write. You’d think with five years of dreaming under my belt, writing about New York would be a piece of cake. But apparently not. So here is my attempt at writing this. This is my New York love story, a trilogy because there’s too many words to fit into one post.

I fell in love with New York when I was about 15, when life was rubbish (as most 15 year olds believe) and escape seemed like the only solution.

Up until July 2009, I was a happy child. And then I was wisped away from familiarity to…

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