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The Tower… part 1…

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This blog made me smile!

Pouring My Art Out

Well, here we go with the adventures of our first full day in Europe…

a 1

That is the Tower of London… the White Tower… once a symbol of oppression, now an awesome tourist trap and vault for the crown jewels. That shot was taken during a river cruise later that week, but it is a good picture.

a 2The Tower was built in the year… uh… 1,000 something. This isn’t a history lesson, it is a travelogue… you should Google it.

a 3

But you can feel the history in that place.

a 4It seeps right out of the stones.

a 5If you go to London, do not miss seeing the Tower.

a 6

Just so you know, I still carry my small, cheap camera around, just to take all these selfies for the blog.

a 7

There is a good picture of my mom, resting from all the walking we did.

a 8

Those guards are not for show. They are guarding…

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