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Things to do in Baguio, Philippines (A guide for first-timers)


Have you ever heard of Baguio – Philippines’ City of Pines? The name of the city is derived from the Ibaloi word bagiw meaning ‘moss’. I was there for 3 days with my beautiful friend, KC, and our moms. I can attest that the place is absolutely stunning! Let me share with you some of the activities we did and of course, all the food we ate. But before that, if it’s your first time in the Philippines, let me guide you through some facts. And I hope, you would pack your luggage and go see it for yourself. Scroll down if you’d like to skip these points.


  1. Living in Singapore is definitely an advantage. The ROE is SGD 1 = PHP 32.50 as at 19 July 2015.
  2. Airplane tickets to Manila only cost SGD 250 – 300 if you choose budget airlines like Cebu Pacific.
  3. How to get to Baguio…

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Adventures In Alaska – Part 2

thoughts from Alaska

Melanies Blog

After arriving safe and sound I meet up with many friends that were so kind and all took me out for breakfast. I’m not a big fan of dinner so I was quite happy about pancakes in the morning and catching up on the latest news and other things that had taken place during my three years absence. I also got to see the new track (new to me at least) at the school and hold some chicken.

My next big adventure was to be fishing. Since I needed a fishing license to actually fish myself we went to the Kasilof beach and instead watched the set-netting there. A friend of my dad had his net set up a little way out in the mouth of the river and we watched them pulling in the nets and running a total of three times between beach and net, each time bringing…

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The Tower… part 1…

This blog made me smile!

Pouring My Art Out

Well, here we go with the adventures of our first full day in Europe…

a 1

That is the Tower of London… the White Tower… once a symbol of oppression, now an awesome tourist trap and vault for the crown jewels. That shot was taken during a river cruise later that week, but it is a good picture.

a 2The Tower was built in the year… uh… 1,000 something. This isn’t a history lesson, it is a travelogue… you should Google it.

a 3

But you can feel the history in that place.

a 4It seeps right out of the stones.

a 5If you go to London, do not miss seeing the Tower.

a 6

Just so you know, I still carry my small, cheap camera around, just to take all these selfies for the blog.

a 7

There is a good picture of my mom, resting from all the walking we did.

a 8

Those guards are not for show. They are guarding…

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