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VE Day Remembered in Photos – This Is Your Victory!

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Stephen Liddell

The 8th May 1945 was V.E. Day or Victory in Europe Day.  As the U.K. is in the midst of remembering and celebrating perhaps the most momentous day in our history,  I thought it would be interesting to post some old photos of that incredible day as well as showing how war had left London and all our other major cities.

Over 1.5 million incendiary and high explosive bombs were dropped on London alone just during The Blitz and Britain became the most militarised nation even above Germany and the Soviet Union.  As the only country which voluntarily fought Germany before it was attacked, every one took on a role in ensuring the country would not be invaded as Europe was overrun.

The Soviet Union under Stalin had formed a pact with Nazi Germany and only joined Britain and the Commonwealth nations when it too was attacked whilst the United States…

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