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Horse & Dolphin Yard… and a secret part of Chinatown unveiled!

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Another hidden gem!

London Unveiled

Horse and Dolphin

While Chinatown is viewed by many as overly touristy, it has a great history and is a wonderful part of London in its own right.  There are plenty of little courtyards and alleyways within Chinatown and one of my favourites with a great street name is the ‘Horse and Dolphin Yard’.  Located off ‘Macclesfield St’, between ‘Gerrard St’ and ‘Shaftesbury Avenue’ is this small yard that was not that many years ago an unattractive service alley.  As part of the area’s regeneration it is now a small hidden gem offering a peaceful place to enjoy a newly built pagoda and enjoy an award winning public art installation titled “1888”.


History:  The current dutch bar – De Hems – located on Macclesfield St just to the north of the yard was originally the ‘Horse and Dolphin Coaching Inn’, which dated from 1685.  ‘Horse and dolphin’ is an odd combination for…

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