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Toronto’s Winter Holiday Spirit

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Toronto preparing for Christmas

Steps To Follow

Toronto is definitely a city for the fast-paced. The extroverted side of me has considered living in Toronto, but being an extroverted introvert, I have mixed feelings of the idea. The introvert side of me would have no choice but to be around people, communicate with others and wait in lines upon lines anywhere I go. Perhaps Toronto would be good for me, a lesson in putting myself out in the open and seeing where life will take me. Could moving to such a multicultural city cure my persistent throb of wanderlust?— a disease that thus far has no cure, just treatment to reduce symptoms momentarily: travel— afterall, learning about new cultures through lived experiences is all a part of the need for wanderlust, right?

A short visit every couple months does me just fine for now. I was long overdue for a visit and this week worked out perfectly.

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