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Gulfoss.. Dawn

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Cornwall Photographic

Gulfoss is probably Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Certainly one of the most popular tourist attractions being within the Golden Circle – an area defined around Reykjavik that contains attractions easily reached from the city.

I arrived at the falls around first light, 9 am, in thick fog, ahead of the tour buses that would be calling in for the rest of the day.  There were just a couple of cars in the car park.  This was still the blue hour, the sun hadn’t risen, hence the blue cast to the Photographs.

In the first image below, a single figure adds scale to this vast waterfall.  In the second image, the tiny figures from one of the first tour buses can be seen at the safety fence, just tiny smudges, putting the canyon that carries the river Hvítá onward from the falls, into perspective.  Click on the images for a clearer…

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