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A Mother’s Trouble

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What an Amazing World!

bs01 Mother Temple Besakih on the Slopes of Mount Agung

A big family were walking down the outer courtyard, each donning bright-colored traditional costume with some of the family members carrying ceremonial paraphernalia: small umbrellas with very long wooden handles and baskets made from woven palm fronts. As they walked further away from the candi bentar – typical split gateway found in Balinese Hindu temples – the big group of men, women and children encompassing three generations were met by hordes of tourists.

It was the peak tourist season in Bali and the relatively remote temple compound was not exempted from the influx of domestic and foreign visitors lured to come to the island for its fabled natural and cultural scenes.

The Temple of Besakih is considered the holiest and mother of all temples on the island, thanks to not only its location on the slopes of the exalted Mount Agung…

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