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Why to Love Chile!


In three weeks time I’ll be on my way to Chile for four whole weeks.  I’ll be swapping wintery weather for summer.  I’ll be visiting places i’ve been before and some new ones too.  I’m so excited!  Before I go I’ll be sharing some ‘Chile memories’ posts on the blog of some of my favourite places i’ve been to.  But, before that, here is a roundup of all of the Chilean related posts, and guest posts, so far.

Let’s start with Clem’s post on a Chilean Tour in 20 photos.  She chose different words to describe different aspects of the country.Quelque part entre le Chili et l'Argentine

Places to go and things to see ::  The North

Let’s carry on with places to go.  Chilean is SUCH a long country so the south to the north vary enormously.  From the driest desert in the north to the ice of the south.

I wrote on Camila’s…

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A Boat Away, A World Away

What an Amazing World!

The Village of Sok Kwu Wan The Village of Sok Kwu Wan

Protecting the southwestern coast of one of Asia’s foremost financial centers from the occasional violent gusts of the South China Sea, Lamma Island with its heavily indented coasts boasts a life pace so different from the constant haste in downtown Hong Kong. A part of the Outlying Islands – groups of islands scattered around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon – the territory’s third largest island is home to just a little over 6,000 residents.

One morning earlier this year James and I escaped to Lamma, a 25-minute boat trip from Hong Kong’s Central Pier, only a few days after the Year of the Horse kicked in. Wading through the narrow waters separating the two islands, the boat moved in steady speed past the western rim of Hong Kong Island with a typical skyscraper-studded skyline of the island’s north, albeit less dense in concentration and…

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How to See Prague in One Day

Steps To Follow

Have you always wanted to see the fairytale city of Prague in the mysterious Czech Republic? Yes?Well, you are not the only one to say the least! This very popular, busy and beloved city is easy to get around and has so much to offer for the ambitious traveller! I had not originally planned to see Prague, it kind of just worked out in my favour when my train from Germany to Poland stopped in Prague. I decided that I wanted to spend a day in the fairytale city and wait for a night train. It was a great decision!

So, how did I do Prague in a day? I really had no plan at all. I just grabbed a map and started walking. But, based on my experience, here’s how I would do it if I ever did Prague in one day again. The following list is in…

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The Blue Mosque isn’t Blue?

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So the Blue Mosque is actually grey!

Janaline's world journey

The Blue Mosque The Blue Mosque is actually grey

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, facing Aya Sofya and mirroring its domed silhouette,  is popularly known as the Blue Mosque. It is considered to be the last great mosque of the classical period. This huge mosque was build to calm God after the unfavorable result of the war with Persia. The mosque was built from 1609 to 1616 on the site of the palace of the Byzantine emperors, so big parts of the mosque rest on the foundations or the vaults of the old Grand Palace.

I must admit that I do have a lot of blonde moments in my travels and having only read about this mosque and never actually having properly looked at pictures of it, I did expect a bluish mosque. So I was quite disappointed when I was told that this huge great mosque in front if me is the Blue Mosque. It was…

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Exploring Krakow, Poland: The City of Resilience

view of Poland

Steps To Follow

When I decided to go to Poland, I did not know what to expect. There are not as many travel guides available as there are for popular cities in Europe like London, Amsterdam and Rome. Not as many backpackers choose to go (which I still wonder, WHY NOT?!). It was a blessing for me not knowing what to expect. I truly believe that no expectations traveling is the best kind of travel. I find that expectations will almost always let you down. That is why when I went to Poland I was pleasantly surprised. The cities I went to in Poland– Krakow and Warsaw– were quite possibly the most picturesque cities I have ever been to!


The mixed-matched beauty of Krakow is hard to forget. Not only is it a reminder of regrowth and a community that had to rebuild itself during wartimes, but it is also a reminder…

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Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

poppies 4

poppies 9

Finally got to London in the last few days with the prime intention of going to the Tower of London to see the the sea of ceramic poppies flooding the moat of the Tower.

poppies 8poppies 7

The sheer mass of colour of these poppies was amazing, and when you reflect that each one represents a life lost during the 1914-18 war, and the number of poppies just represents the British casualties, think how many more there would be if all the casualties were represented the same way, I cannot begin to imagine how big an area would be required for them all!

poppies 11

poppies 1

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Lake Bled


towels packed, will travel

Slovenia is so small and its capital so centrally located that many visitors simply stay in Ljubljana and take day trips to a handful of the country’s top tourist destinations. Without a young child, we might have done the same, but with Munchkin in tow not only did we want to minimize drive times but we also wanted to be on our own schedule. We rented a car, mapped out a one-week loop that hit pretty much all of Slovenia’s highlights, and headed for the Julian Alps.


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