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Wogo and Bena: A Tradition Preserved

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Great insight into this part of Indonesia!

What an Amazing World!

A Village Hidden in the Mist A Village Hidden in the Fog

Leaving Ende with its mountains and blue pebble beaches we continued our journey westward to Bajawa, the capital of Ngada Regency on the island of Flores. Situated on the slopes of Mount Inerie with its near-perfect cone, the temperate climate of the town made it a nice and comfortable place to escape the humidity of the lowlands. But James and I didn’t go to Bajawa for that, rather we were intrigued by the Ngadanese traditional villages where people still practiced animist belief with touches of Catholicism.

“Catholicism only came to these villages in 1978,” Dino said to us. “That’s why on Sundays the locals go the church but at the same time they remain practicing traditional rituals involving animal sacrifices.”

“There are a lot of traditional villages around Bajawa. Bena, Wogo, Gurusina, Belaraghi, and many more. But we are going to visit only two…

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