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Taipei, Taiwan

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Taipei, Taiwan


Our first stop in Taiwan was Taipei, partly because it’s the capital city so it seemed like a good idea but also partly for the fairly obvious reason that it’s where we had to fly to! Jan had already been in Taiwan a week at that stage, but in a place just outside Taipei where the conference he was attending was being held. He moved to our hotel the day before I arrived and came to pick me up from the airport when I landed. We then picked up the rental car that Jan had booked for the week and drove to Taipei. I landed at around 4:30 p.m. so by the time I’d picked up my suitcase and we’d driven back to Taipei it was fairly late. I had a quick shower then there was only one thing to do… head out for food! We decided to head to…

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The Sights of Geneva

It would seem I need to add Geneva to my bucket list!


When booking a long weekend away in Geneva I had no idea what there was to see there!  I’ve already shared with you the sights of jet d’eau, Mont-Salève Cable Car and the Botanical Gardens.  So, what else is there to see?

Here’s me walking towards ‘Broken Chair’ which is 12 meters high!  This chair sculpture has one broken leg to symbolise opposition to land mines.  It is the masterpiece of Paul Vermeulen who is co-founder and director of Handicap International Suisse.DSC02093

These pretty fountains are just by the broken chair too.  Run through them if you don’t mind getting a bit wet!DSC02089Just opposite Broken Chair you will see the office of the United Nations.  We were sad enough to arrive just minutes after the last tour of the day but enjoyed looking from the outside anyway!DSC02098DSC02099

The Red Cross Museum is a must visit.  We visited the…

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Maps and ShelterBox


photoFor several years now, Maps Worldwide has been pleased to be associated with the charity ShelterBox, with all customers being able to donate the change from their order to the charity, which Maps Worldwide matches.

My local church, St. Michael and All Angels is holding an Angel Festival from this weekend with the theme of ‘Angels as Helpers’, given all that ShelterBox does in its deployments around the world, I decided to make our contribution out of old maps with ShelterBox deployments highlighted.  I am not particularly creative, but I am pleased with the result!


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Falling for Paris

Which city do you love?


I’ve never really fallen head over heels in love with a city straight away. It has generally been more of a slow process; of frustration and annoyance giving way to affection and eventually full blown adoring love. Initially I found Bangkok overwhelming, I only liked Bangalore because it wasn’t Chennai, Singapore was hot, and KL was a bit much. But Paris got me right from the beginning, wrapping me up in its gooey cliche of sophistication and beauty and god damn love despite my protests.


I spent three perfect days in St Michel, with frequent trips to Ile Saint Louis, as well as a final gorgeous day in Montmarte. Each of these days was devoted to filling my stomach with as much amazing French food as possible and my eyes with as much people watching and architecture gaping as humanely possible. The uniformity of the inner-city Parisian apartment facades made…

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Majestic Mont Blanc in France

Beautiful Mont Blanc!

Journey Around The Globe

MONT-BLANC, FRANCE: Finally, we were lucky to get a glance of the sheer beauty of majestic Mont Blanc right before leaving Europe. Mont Blanc, meaning the “White Mountain”, is the highest peak of the Alps and in the European Union. Situated on Mont Blanc massif in the southern region of France, this is known as the roof of Europe. It stands boldly and solemnly looking over the whole continent.

Looking at Mont Blanc (can't really see the peak because of thick clouds) Looking at Mont Blanc (can’t really see the peak because of thick clouds)

This is a popular destination for those mountaineers, hikers, climbers, snowboarders, and skiers. I myself is not that brave nor fit for those sports. So I enjoyed looking at Mont Blanc from the peak adjacent to it, Aiguille du Midi…which most of the tourist do here.

There are different levels of difficulties for hiking and mountain biking along many different routes. You can’t really go on top of…

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Bath Abbey

abbey look up

I decided to be a tourist myself in Bath recently, rather than just dashing into town, doing my shopping and escaping quickly before the street are full of visitors, which is my normal mode!

west door

I spent a fascinating visit to Bath Abbey absorbing the atmosphere and just realising how lucky I am to live near such a beautiful building.  The fan roof is especially stunning, and certainly got me looking up!

fan roof

fan roof 1


The roof was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott who carried out a number of repairs to the Abbey in the Victorian era and was to replace the crumbling plaster and lathe ceiling that existed prior to this.


lightSir George Gilbert Scott also commissioned a famous metalworker from Coventry, Francis Skidmore, to make the large beautiful gas chandeliers which still hang in the Abbey today. These were converted to electricity in 1979.






One of the more recent additions to the Abbey are the acoustic quire screens. These screens are beautifully decorated with a frieze of twelve carved angels playing musical instruments and looking jauntily down on you.


main altar


The main altar is currently displaying the Trinity Altar Frontal which depicts the springs of living water from the Book of Revelation.



The moving Gethsemane Chapel includes a book of remembrance and the frontal altar is dedicated to the use of Amnesty International.  It is designed to suggest peace beyond suffering, life beyond death, with barbed wire representing the restrictions and barriers of this world and thorns as are our personal problems. If we can break through these obstacles we find our own Garden of Gethsemane where we can leave the past behind and find peace and God.

edgar stained glass

The stained glass window above shows the coronation of the first King of all England, King Edgar who was crowned on this site in 973.

There is much more to see and learn about this fascinating building, I guess I need to male further visits!



Photos from the Awesome Aurora Show on Sept 12, 2014, That Will Make You Jealous

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~Wish I had seen this

Planet Bell

Aurora Borealis Near Denali At 1am this morning, I found myself on the side of the road, mouth agape, staring at the sky. My vocabulary was reduced to the word “WOW!” and a series of expletives too impolite to print. I was gawking at the most amazing aurora borealis show I’ve seen in my 10 years in Alaska. I was in complete awe.

Aurora Forecast, Sept 12, 2014 Aurora Forecast, Sept 12, 2014

If you have been paying attention to the media, and assuming the electric grid in your area hasn’t been obliterated, there is a solar storm going on right now. The Northern Lights are visible all over Alaska, Canada and the northern Lower 48 due to a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), which sounds really painful, by the way. It is possible the storm could affect satellites, your GPS and wipe out your power grid. Obama is to blame.

As I have written before, in the 16 immutable Laws of…

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