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Barnard Castle

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We were staying near Barnard Castle recently and enjoyed exploring the town.  The castle takes its name from its twelfth century founder, Bernard de Balliol, and the town later developed around it.



The remains of the castle are now managed by English Heritage, and are worth a visit!




One of the main routes into the town is a bridge right under the walls of the castle over the River Tees.


In the centre of the town is an octagonal Market Cross, which is now used as a roundabout, but was once where dairy products were sold, and in later life a gaol and a fire station!

We also managed to visit the local church, and attended the Sunday morning worship, where we had a most entertaining and memorable sermon or rather song from the curate, who had written an explanation of “to judge the quick and the dead” from the Creed to the tune of ‘All things bright and beautiful’.  Unfortunately the words are not available on their website, as far as I can see.



Later when walking around town I was intrigued to spot this trio in the window above a butchers shop, trying to escape their fate maybe?






One thought on “Barnard Castle

  1. Such a beautiful town. Really like the castle ruins!

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