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Skydiving at 14,000 feet over Byron Bay, Australia

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What a great way to view the area, some lovely ‘action’ shots!

Travels of Shell

Never in my life did I ever imagine myself to do a skydive. It’s always been one of those things that I always wished I would have the courage to do, but sort of just accepted that it wasn’t ever going to happen. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, for a start. So the thought of jumping 14,000 out of a plane was an insane idea to me. And one that would always be just that, an idea. However, when I arrived in Australia that idea soon began to grow into something more. After meeting so many people in Cairns who had done the Skydive somewhere along the east coast and talked about how absolutely incredible it was despite how terrified of heights they were, a seed was planted. It wasn’t long before I took the plunge and booked my skydive!

The first attempt to skydive was a disaster. The dates got…

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