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One Fine Day in Rome

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How would you spend 36 hours in a city?

francois et moi


36 hours to be exact. Talk about getting a crash course in all things Roman! Originally, this city wasn’t in our travel plans, but when it just so happened that our train from Zermatt to Salerno was passing through Rome, we decided we ought to stop off in Italy’s capital city for a look around. Our train arrived into Rome late on Saturday night, we got a good night’s sleep and then hit the cobblestone streets bright and early to take advantage of our beautiful day. As I mentioned yesterday, we began the day perusing the Villa Borghese Gardens, and then hopped on the bus to St. Peter’s Square. The bus system really kind of rocks and gets you where you need to go in Rome, as the Metro is limited in it’s number/location of stops. From St. Peter’s, we slowly worked our way back on foot to our hotel’s neighborhood on…

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