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Cook’s Cottage: The Captain’s Abode

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The facade of Cook's Cottage. The facade of Cook’s Cottage.

When a pom explorer by the name of James Cook had his voyage in the east looking for new lands, he arrived in New South Wales in 1770. From then on he became one of the most important persons in the Australian history. The captain who achieved numerous voyages across the pacific is known for his scientific and geographical knowledge. Aside from this, he is also known for his surveying and cartographic skills that has been in the forefront of his generation. For these things,  he has been remembered in many countries that he discovered and visited. Australia being one of them is no exception.

Amidst the vast greenery of the Fitzroy Garden in Melbourne is a typical brick-walled home. This simple abode is of the Captain when he used to live in England. How on earth was this moved? Well, it was…

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