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An American Young Adult in Lancaster

Prague was crazy, but in a really good way. It’s a really cool city. And the exchange rate is amazing. I think Prague was probably one of my favorite places that I visited. Definitely in the top three. It is a touristy city, at least the main places, but it’s full of so much energy and excitement.

The first day I was in Prague we actually took a day trip outside of the city to a place called Kutna Hora. There are quite a few churches to see there but one of the oddest and intriguing places is the Sedlac Ossuary. The decorations inside it are made out of human bones. The friend I was with did not like it that much but I quite enjoy weird things like that so I thought it was fun if a bit disconcerting.


At first I thought that this would be the one…

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Team Adventurers Get a World Map

All children need access to a map!

Team Adventurers

Erica Richmond @pixiepaperdoll7


My kids and I have deemed ourselves “Team Adventurers” in honour of our everyday backyard adventures. To expand (or at least dream of expanding) our exploration, I bought us a world map and stuck it to the wall. It is laminated and has a picture of each country’s flag around the perimeter. I also bought coloured dot stickers. The idea is that we each get a different colour and can stick a dot everywhere we want to travel. Once we fulfill our travel destination we will make a mark on the sticker. (And Martha Stewart help me; I’m even going to create a legend on the map.)

My ever-rampant wanderlust appears to be genetic and the map is covered in dots. We talk about visiting the places we’ve read about in books. We are lucky to live in a community that is rich in cultural…

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Nobody ever said The Map…

Food for thought!

I'm Jester. Artist. Lover of Words. Buttons Connect.

“Nobody ever said that a map is ‘proof’ that a certain place on the map exists – but if they are curious enough to follow that map, they may discover for themselves that it does in fact exist – after which they can then speak from experience and claim that the ‘map’ is in fact accurate….Someone who looks at the map and then says ‘that place doesn’t exist!’ before they have even followed the map – is to me, more foolish than the one whom they are mocking for having followed the map…”

Given to me from my wise friend and brother Jeremy Garner!

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#6 ‘Underground Discourse Markers Map’

Making Connections – Every Journey Matters
This appeals to me both as a variation on an underground map and as a writing tool!


I have had lots and lots of compliments on Twitter regarding this map. I am quite proud of it as it looks quite professional considering I created it on Microsoft Word! I got the idea from @LauraLolder who created a fab Underground map style wall display. This version is great for (smaller) wall displays and for laminated mats!

As you can see, it’s simply a list of discourse markers that’s great for supporting students with their writing and pushing them to extend their responses. There are several different ‘lines’ on the map representing the main six categories of discourse markers: comparing, contrasting, adding, emphasising, sequencing and providing examples. The map also has a QR code which links to ‘Analysis Squares’ (please see previous post).


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Was It Worth It?


The morning in the tropics brought another day of adventure. Exhausted from previous days’ travel and averaging less than four hours of sleep for the past week the bed seamed to whisper “don’t go”. Naturally I did not come down to breakfast till about eleven in the morning. Despite my late start my hosts graciously provided me with some toast and instant coffee. Topping that off with a glass of “stamina” juice (not quite sure what it supposed to do for one – but must admit that it is delicious.) I’ve decided that I’ve wasted sufficient amount of the day and went out to face my current predicament.

DSC_0252I have made it to the center of this tropical island called Java, and now there was but a few dozen miles between myself and one of my destinations. The problem was that I had no means of getting there. There was…

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London buses – defying all logic since 1829

As if finding your way around London is not difficult enough!

some tour

Complicated London Bus Map
If you look at this map cross-eyed, it still makes no sense.

This week, buses. In London, buses don’t make sense. Not in the same way that bumblebees don’t make sense, or trainspotting as a lifestyle choice, or coriander seed tasting different from coriander leaf, but in their own unique and infuriating way.

It’s the Year of The Bus, or so TfL’s PR department would have us believe. Nobody’s sure exactly what it means.

It doesn’t seem to relate to a genuine anniversary of any kind. They’ve painted some buses silver, which seems a bit stupid given that the buses in London are famous for being red, and the only innovation on the bus system this year seems to be the imminent (and absurd) abolition of the cash fare.

In one way or another, buses seem to have taken over quite a chunk of my life in recent times.


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