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Fabulous use of maps!

Kevewya Kernow

Over the last couple of weeks we have constructed two wooden tables and covered them with OS maps from the 1980′s. It was quite a squeeze but Cornwall just about fits!


These maps are fascinating… surely everyone likes a looking at maps?! On a map you can find places where you may have lived, eaten, worked, visited, danced, sung, played, surfed, climbed, walked, sat and celebrated. Some places have particular memories and emotions attached to them, for example where you got engaged, your first home, or a favourite spot to while away time. These places also contain buildings, landmarks and people which are special to us.

The Institute of Cornish Studies new project “Kevenwya Kernow,‘ will be asking people to help us document some of these people and places, adding these to the large map tables as we go. This blog will share some of the stories that accompany the people and places…

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