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I Will Walk 500 Miles

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It will be good to follow your journey on the Camino de Santiago, we sell maps for this route every year, but do not hear from the people undertaking the journey!

Been There, Blogged That

With my 2-year Canadian work visa expiring in August, the pressure has been on for me to decide where I’m heading to next.  There’s a thought that the hardest part of long-term travel is making the decision to go.  That decisive moment certainly gets your heart racing, I can tell you that – and with that moment you suddenly feel your heart breaking free through multiple ribs and soaring out of your chest like a phoenix reborn; with that moment you feel alive.

That’s exactly how it felt for me anyway.  Then a few seconds later, with the realisation that my heart actually needed to be back inside the security blanket of my body, the heart retracted inwards to safety as quickly as it had leaped out. Unfortunately there was already a hole in my chest burned by the path of the decision that had just been made.  Cue gut-wrenching feelings…

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