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Niagara Falls In Winter

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Been There, Blogged That

If I was just a little smarter, I would have learnt something the last time I visited Niagara Falls several months ago.  Niagara Falls = lots of mist = you will get damp!  Now this wasn’t a problem in July in the heat of summer, a little bit of water to cool down was in fact refreshing.  However, Niagara Falls during winter = lots of mist = everything freezes.

Niagara Falls as if not magnificent enough, transforms into a wonderland during the winter season.  Everything is so beautiful, but oh so icy.

My advice for anyone visiting during the winter season:

  1. Wear waterproof clothing!  If you go anywhere near Horseshoe Falls you WILL get wet from the mist.  Then you’ll walk away and still be wet, you won’t get dry, your hair and clothes will freeze, and you won’t stop shivering.  “Experience: the most brutal of teachers.  But you…

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