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Street furniture

streetwareViewing some of the other blogs I have seen in recent weeks, made me look a little more carefully at some of the details around the streets in Berlin recently, which was how I came to take some of these photos.

streetlampUnfortunately, the weather was not too good during most of our trip, hence the grey skies!

streetpostboxHowever we did find some brighter images!


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Garden colour


I am love the colours of Autumn, and last week just before the winds started to pick up I took these photos in my garden, including my very own ‘firewall’ as the Virginia Creeper on the garage at the end of my garden turned beautiful red and golds!


Within 24 hours of taking this photo nearly every leaf had blown off the wall!

My Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum dissectum, similarly lost most of its leaves shortly after this photo …  the best colours are so fleeting!


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Travel theme: Stone


This week, the travel theme on Where’s My Backpack is stone, which gave me the perfect opportunity to showcase one of the most famous stone structures in my home county…. Hadrian’s Wall. Here are some photos of the wall and the surrounding countryside:

Hadrian’s wall was a 73-mile long Roman defensive structure built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Construction probably started some time in AD 122 and the wall was completed within a period of six years. Sections of the wall still exist along the route, although some of the stone was removed and used as building material at various points and to the west of the River Irthing the wall was made of turf, which is now long gone. The Hadrian’s Wall Footpath follows the line of the wall from Wallsend in Tyne and Wear to Bowness-on-Solway in North-West Cumbria… a route of 84 miles. There is also…

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Wheely Good Coffee

Travel with Intent


Look Mum No Hands is a buzzing bicycle workshop and coffee shop combined.

If you’re a cyclist in need of parts, help or inspiration, get yourself over to Clerkenwell.  If you like good coffee and cakes (and some mean sandwiches too), the same applies.

The Square Mile coffee is excellent and the cakes take some beating, with enough choice to please all tastes.  On my visit, there was Pumpkin cake (scrummy), Lemon polenta cake, Gingerbread, Pumpkin and coconut loaf and at least two varieties of chocolate cake.

It is not the place for a quiet drink in a cosy armchair; this is a buzzing, vibrant coffee shop with a busy bicycle workshop in the corner.  Bikes are not compulsory; I went sans vélo and service was welcoming, helpful and friendly. Apparently, this is the place to come for a party atmosphere during the Tour de France. There’s also a welcoming…

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Food We Eat : Flags From Foods :) [18 countries]


Photographs by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA from the Sydney International Food Festival, Australia’s largest festival ever attended by a million last year. As a part of promotion, the creative team has recreated 18 national flags of countries  Australia, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Thailand, Indonesia, Switzerland, France, China, Lebanon, Greece, India and Brazil using their traditional ingrdients. 

Hope this will be a delight to you. Enjoy the pictures 🙂 Why not try something like this in our place?


Courtesy and Source : Twisted Sifter

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