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Bodiam Castle


bodiamWhile mapsareus may have travelled up north for his holiday, recently I spent a few days in West Sussex.  This is a great area for those with even a vague interest in British history, as we were only a few miles from the site of the famous Battle of Hastings, but more about that another day.  While we in the area we went to Bodiam Castle.  This castle must fulfil every child’s dream of what a ‘proper’ castle should look like, as it is surrounded by a water filled moat, stocked with fish.  The 14th century castle was ostensibly built to defend the area from possible French invasion, however, it is apparent that it was also built as a display of wealth and power.  One of the fortifications I was not aware of in other castles was the murder holesBodiam Murder holes in gatehouse, designed to drop objects or boiling water on invaders who had made it past the drawbridge and portcullis! Not very friendly, but then I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  Although most of the castle looks intact from the outside, the interior was in ruins, with much of the stone having been removed over the years.  This is a great place for exploring and letting your imagination run wild, as you think about life in the castle.  Perfect for visiting with those medieval knights of your family!

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