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Cyprus 2

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kykkos2While we were staying in the Troodos mountains last year, we took the opportunity to visit the rather elaborately decorated Kykkos Monastery, renowned as the place where the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III served as a novice.  Unlike in the painted churches, it is possible to photograph the many modern mosaics and paintings that surround the courtyard of the monastery without the risk of causing damage, although out of respect of those present who wished to worship or venerate the icons in the church, we refrained from taking photographs inside.  I do not think in all my travels I have found a church quite so ‘dripping’ in gold, and quite as ‘alien’ to my normal style of worship, but that must just me, as the whole place was swarming with visitors and worshippers! However, I did enjoy all the images surrounding the courtyard although I struggled to identify the story behind some of them.kykkos1

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