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You never stop learning, if you never stop travelling!

Travel, it teaches you so much. Some things you learn at the time, while others you learn afterwards upon reflection. They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I totally agree. :: Travel brings you lifelong friends. Two of my very best friends are ones that I […]

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The giant high street retailer Paperchase has recently released a collection of high quality products which feature official A-Z map designs. From passport covers to notebooks, these quirky designs have proven to be popular since their release in June. Created in collaboration with ourselves and Rocket Licensing, each product features different areas of the UK…

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Wordless Wednesday: Donskoy Cemetary

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Janaline's world journey

When burials in central Moscow were banned after the 1771 plague, the Donskoy Monastery became a graveyard for the nobility, and it is littered with elaborate tombs and chapels.


Seven Orthodox cemeteries were established around the city, and the Donskoy Cemetery became the most prestigious. Among the great families that began to use the cemetery were the princes Golitsyn and Zubov, who built private chapels – the Alexander Svirsky Church and the Archangel Church respectively – within the grounds of the monastery.


The monastery’s hospital became the city’s first crematorium, and a branch of the Shchusev Architectural Museum was established at the monastery to house (in semi-secret) sculptures and ornaments from destroyed churches.

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IMG_1543Recently we had an unusual request from a customer who wanted a map of Australia for her local swimming pool.  Members of the pool have set themselves various challenges over the years, initially to swim lengths the equivalent distance of around Great Britain, and then more recently to see how far south they could get.  IMG_1534Recently, they had clocked up the distance equivalent to reaching landfall in Australia, and this season they are going to see how far they can get around Australia!  Hence the map to plot their achievements!  What an incentive for regular swimmers at Wivey Pool!  We wish them every luck with clocking up the lengths this year, and celebrating the pools 90th birthday in 2017.IMG_1542


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