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The Royal Palace, Cambodia

Originally posted on WhatAWonderfulWorld:

When I think back to my afternoon visiting The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I think of two words to best describe it; gold and flowers.  I’m sure you will understand why once you have seen the photos.

The Royal Palace is situated along the river banks and can be seen from a way away; it’s stunning.  You can’t visit parts of the palace as it’s the King’s residence but there are parts where you are free to wander around.




The grounds of the palace are just as stunning as the buildings themselves; flowers of every colour, shape and texture.



Have you been to Cambodia?

Marcella xx

p.s  I’m off on holiday tomorrow for nine days… see you when I’m back, with way too many photos! :)

It’s Travel Tuesday.  Hosted by Bonnie, Camila, Amy and Jessi.


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Answers and Insights to our 3rd Photo Challenge


I didn’t know that!

Originally posted on London Unveiled:

Answers and Insights to 5 London Landmarks.

Thank you to those of you who tried to identify these items and congratulations to those who were successful.  Below you will find the ‘official’ answer and some insight into these places.  I hope you find some interesting facts you didn’t know!

Photo Challenge #1

Photo Challenge #1

(1) This sculpture, titled “Breathing”, is by Spanish artist Jaume Plensas and sits atop the Peel wing of the new BBC Broadcasting House in central London.  It is a memorial to journalists killed while doing their work and was specially commissioned and selected as a result of an international competition.  It is dedicated to all news journalists and those who have worked with them, including drivers and translators.   The glass sculpture is etched by the artist with this spiral of text: “life turns and turns on the crystal glass / breathing in our body/ silence is a voice, our…

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Tips for Cambodia Travel


take care when travelling and learn from another’s experiences!

Originally posted on tkavtalk:

So your planning a big trip to South East Asia. You want to see Angkor Wat and experience The Killing Fields right. Of course you do. Cambodia is a spectacular, unmissable South East Asian treasure, no trip would be complete without it. The beautiful landscape, hilarious (sometimes pushy) tuk tuk drivers, mental nights in Sihanoukville and pub street Siem Reap, stunning southern coastline and eccentric bar owners (shout out to Bunna), Cambodia has everything you need for a unique travelling experience. But, be wary, you are not in Kansas anymore, here are some tips to make your life a bit easier while you’re there.

1) First and foremost, DO NOT get into a heated argument with a Cambodian. They are some of the nicest people on the planet, but if you get into a confrontation, I guarantee you will come out of it worse. It does not matter how small…

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If You Sold Everything You Owned What Would You Do?


If you sold up, would you travel the world?

Originally posted on Distracted in Alberta:

Every traveler, I have ever met, at some point has made the same mistake and will always tell you, that they’d make that same mistake again; “I sold everything I owned, packed my clothes, bought a plane ticket and left my home country.” It’s the traveler’s code that one most live by, selling all your worldly possessions in order to afford crammed tickets on stinky grungy old buses that might hit a pot hole or twenty-seven en route to your destination of choice.

Three nights ago, I quietly sat eating dinner at our dilapidated kitchen table when the wife laid out some strategic plan and asked the question every traveler dreams of, “would you be up for a round the world trip in a few years?” I began choking. Literally on my vegetables, I couldn’t believe the words she had spoken. These words were the ones, I never thought she…

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Atop of it all

Originally posted on Musings from the road:

We arrive at the peak and it is quite simply the most stunning visual palette I have seen in my 26 years. Snow! Like, fresh, just fallen, ball it up and throw it, snow… We embark on the most magical afternoon of our trip. We prance, play, frolic; we are giddy. We literally jump up and down giggling… We walk with timid steps down snow covered trails and marvel at the beauty in near-on solitude.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMt Gaisberg Salzburg, Austria.

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