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London’s Christmas Lights {Oxford Street}

Originally posted on WhatAWonderfulWorld:

There are few things that give you the Christmas feeling more than Christmas lights on Oxford Street in London.  As I am off to Chile until a week before Christmas, where the sun will be blazing and thoughts of Christmas will escape me, I took a walk down Oxford Street to take in all the glittering lights and extravagant window displays.  I didn’t leave feeling any more Christmassy than before as you know, it’s only mid November!  But it was beautiful all the same.DSC02460DSC02461DSC02457DSC02467DSC02468Here in the UK everyone is obsessed with Monty the Penguin, a Christmas advert from department store John Lewis.  (Click the link to be filled with Christmas cheer!)  So, John Lewis have themed their whole window display around penguins.  So very cute!DSC02464DSC02463DSC02466DSC02465 Have you seen your first Christmas lights?  Have you ever been to the Oxford Street lights?

Have a great week!  My next post…

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A Mother’s Trouble

Originally posted on What an Amazing World!:


Mother Temple Besakih on the Slopes of Mount Agung

A big family were walking down the outer courtyard, each donning bright-colored traditional costume with some of the family members carrying ceremonial paraphernalia: small umbrellas with very long wooden handles and baskets made from woven palm fronts. As they walked further away from the candi bentar – typical split gateway found in Balinese Hindu temples – the big group of men, women and children encompassing three generations were met by hordes of tourists.

It was the peak tourist season in Bali and the relatively remote temple compound was not exempted from the influx of domestic and foreign visitors lured to come to the island for its fabled natural and cultural scenes.

The Temple of Besakih is considered the holiest and mother of all temples on the island, thanks to not only its location on the slopes of the exalted Mount Agung…

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Hey Mom, It’s snowing!


first snow!

Originally posted on Being Margaret:


Snow – Everything about it reminds me of my youth.   It reminds me of my parents.  And, It reminds me of growing up in South Bend, Indiana.  The snow always seemed to be piled high from November through March.  Every year.  Not just on years that were considered  “the year of the polar vortex,” but always.  You could count on a beautiful white blanket of snow throughout winter just as sure as you could count on presents under your tree on Christmas morning.  The two-way neighborhood roads would turn into single lane paths that you’d wield your car down.  Snow piled high on both shoulders along your way.

Maybe this is why I still love the snow so much.  It’s beauty takes me back to my childhood.  And, to a time when I was living under the same roof with my 4 siblings and my parents.  Every year you…

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Sparkling White Terraced Hot Springs of Turkey

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Originally posted on Janaline's world journey:


The Sparkling white terraces of Pamukkale

Pamukkale with its sparkling white castle -like cascades is not only an unusual natural and historical site of Turkey, but is also unique in the world. No wonder this place is on nearly every tourists must-see list while exploring Turkey. I couldn’t wait to see these sparkling terraces for myself when I finally arrived in Pamukkale after a long overnight bus ride from Izmir. The bus ride was actually not too bad and as the bus was quite empty we got to flatten our seats and I got some sleep so I arrived ready for my hot-spring adventure. After locking up my backpack at the bus station, and unfortunately my swimming costume with it, I headed out to Pamukkale National Park.

Pamukkale with its sparkling white castle -like cascades

I am at Pamukkale with its sparkling white castle -like cascades

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, contains hot springs and dazzling…

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Sights of the WW1 battlefields

Originally posted on Stephen Liddell:

This my penultimate post for now on WW1 and my recent tour to the battlefields of France and Belgium.  There are simply so many places to see and despite being out all day, every day for a week, we only scratched the surface.

One of the first places that we visited was Vimy Ridge.  This is the location of a beautiful Canadian memorial and which lies surrounded by forests, parklands and crater hole after crater hole.    You can see the Vimy memorial from miles around as the ridge itself is comparatively very high over the surrounding countryside and at night-time it is well-lit up.

Vimy Ridge Memorial

A grieving figure grieves for the loss of Canadian blood. Just the smallest section of this mammoth memorial.

Vimy Ridge is a large area of high ground the dominates the region and it was first the subject of French, then British and finally Canadian attention…

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